Quivira Council Staff

 Management Team
Scout Executive   Brian Nastase   brian.nastase@scouting.org   316.264.3386
Asst. Scout Executive   Rodney Cousin   rodney.cousin@scouting.org   316.491.2221
Program Director   CeCe Bowden   cecelia.bowden@scouting.org   316.491.2225
Development Director   Richard Longstaff   richard.longstaff@scouting.org
Field Staff Leadership 
District Executive, White Buffalo   Kevin Gorman   kevin.gorman@scouting.org   316.491.2231
District Director, South Winds and 
Kanza Districts
  Tye Pameticky   tye.pameticky@scouting.org   316.491.2229
District Director, High Plains   Tracey Glover   tracey.glover@scouting.org   316.491.2230
District Associate, High Plains   Terry Clain   terry.clain@scouting.org    316.491.7774
District Executive, Pawnee   Mark Hunter   mark.hunter@scouting.org   620.245.0801
District Associate, Osage Nation   Larry Dutton   larry.dutton@scouting.org   512.294.5035

 Administrative Staff
Assist. to Scout Executive
  Misti Chambers   misti.chambers@scouting.org   316.491.2224

Registration Support/Front Desk   Jan Quincy   janet.quincy@scouting.org   316.491.2232
Controller   Amy Clupny   Amy.Clupny@scouting.org   316.491.2234
Finance Assistant   Kathy Folgate   katherine.folgate@scouting.org   316.491.2226
Program Assistant   Candi Chase   candice.chase@scouting.org   316.491.2223
Desk Service Representative   Beth Mills   beth.mills@scouting.org   316.264.3386
ext. 7700
 Camp Rangers
Ranger - Quivira Scout Ranch   Paul King   paul.king@scouting.org  
Ranger - Camp Kanza   Tim McKinney   timothy.mckinney@scouting.org