Volunteer Leadership Directory

The success of our council is dependent on strong volunteer leadership on every level.  Your council level volunteers are dedicated to serving units and making the Scouting experience better for everyone.

Council Key 3
Council President Julie Dalton buffalogal1@cox.net
Council Commissioner Blake Barnard blake.bscout@gmail.com
Scout Executive Brian Nastase brian.nastase@scouting.org
Council Program Committee
Vice President Program Jeff DeGraffenreid jeff.p.degraffenreid@spiritaero.com
Vice President Marketing Ken Blankinship ken@bdoordesign.com
Vice President Properties Warren McCoskey wlmccoskey@gmail.com
Camping Chair Mark Hunter bsaqsr@gmail.com
Training Chair John Eastburn j.eastburn@sbcglobal.net
Advancement Chair Roger Darrow darrowroger@yahoo.com
Activities Chair Randy Sessions randy.sessions@sbcglobal.net