Black Jack Trail

Black Jack Trail  

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Due to high wind and extremely dry conditions, all units and guests participating in Black Jack Trail MUST use backpacking stoves for cooking.  There will be NO fires built to protect the Scouts and the land from wildfire.

Into its fifth decade, the Black Jack Trail (BJT) serves Boy Scouts and Scouters as a basic backpacking experience. The fun overnighter is designed to show troop leadership different places and ways to use Quivira Scout Ranch (QSR). BJT is offered two times per year; in the spring and fall.  The next BJT experience is:

April 7 & 8, 2018

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BJT starts at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning and concludes early Sunday afternoon.   Pre-registration is not required - just show up! See above for the link for more information.

Come delve into the history of Quivira Scout Ranch while backpacking into the heart of the ranch, leaving all big and fancy equipment back in the Scout room. This is an opportunity for your Boy Scout leaders (adult and youth), to go out with a minimum of equipment, have maximum fun, and use the ranch to its fullest. There are endless opportunities on our own council property, and we urge all Scout leaders to learn how your troop can come back and take advantage of them.

Organized for teams of youth and adults: All adult troop leaders & Scouts go out in joint patrols made of leaders and youth the day you arrive (i.e., three youth and two adults from troop 1 are paired with four youth and three adults from troop 2 for the weekend).  There must be a minimum of two adults and two youth from your troop for this exercise (you can have more than two). Be sure to follow BSA youth protection guidelines, when planning, to satisfy leadership requirements. 

Each team of campers needs to pre-pack their camping items indicated on this flier, as they may be separated from other teams of their troop. And everyone should be prepared for a complete pack layout.

Cost is $5.00 per person, which includes patch and materials for history of the land and Leave No Trace.

Questions? Please send an email to Jan Medlam or CeCe Bowden.