Camperships are available for Scouts who need extra assistance in getting to camps.  We are grateful for the many donors who help make these camperships available to our Scouts!

Please note that camperships are due February 15 so please apply now!  If you apply after the deadline, there is a chance that all funds will have been allocated already, or that a lower percentage of the camp fees would be funded.

The campership form has been updated in several ways, including:

Application date is moved to February 15 so that decisions can be made and communicated in a more timely manner.

The income verification process is simplified and less intrusive.

The unit leader verifies participation of the Scout, and then the family verifies the other information.

Campership amounts awarded will be communicated via email.

Please note that Scouts can and should still apply for campership funds!  We have already awarded funds to more than 150 Scouts, and we want to continue helping Scouts get to camps this summer!

Please click here to access the Campership Application.

Do you live in Reno County?  If so, please use This Form.