Camporees are held throughout the year as a great opportunity for your Troops, Teams and Crews to participate in outdoor program.  Camporees usually have a theme and each provide unique opportunities for your Scouts to learn and do more. Units may attend any of these opportunities, it does not matter which district is listed as the host.

 More Information to be Posted Soon
Theme: All Districts' Spring Camporee


Camporee   Camporee
Host: White Buffalo   Kanza    Pawnee
  Osage Nation   South Winds  
Dates: April 21-23, 2017   April 21-23, 2017  
  April 21-23.2017   April 7-9, 2017  
Location: Lake Afton   Cheyenne Scoutlands, South of Great Bend       Caney Valley Antique Tractor Grounds    QSR  
Register: Online   Online    Online   Online   Online  
Resources: Printable Flyer   Printable Flyer   Printable Flyer   Printable Flyer   Printable Flyer  

Tentaroo Instructions 
Please note that all Quivira Council activities and camps will be online registration only starting fall of 2016.