6-6-1 Weekends

6 Chapters ... 6 Weekends ... 1 Lodge


After several strong years of community service through our 6-6-1 program, the 2017 service weekend calendar is now ready and available!

Please remember that these community service weekends are just one way that we seek to serve others.  Please invite other Scouts and family or community members to serve alongside you.

May 13th, Kanza Chapter - Green Sports Plaza, Pratt Ks

June 3rd, Pawnee Chapter - Harvey Co. West Park, Newton Ks

July 15th, South Winds Chapter - Winfield City Lake, Winfield, Ks

August 12th, Osage Nation Chapter- Toronto Sate Park, Toronto Ks

September 23rd, High Plains Chapter - Chisholm Creek Park, Wichita, Ks

October 14th, White Buffalo Chapter - Sims Park, Wichita KS

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