The Silver Beaver Award was established by the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, in 1931. This award is the highest honor a local council can present to a volunteer leader. It is made for noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth in the local council. A council is permitted to recognize one leader for every 60 chartered Scout units (or portion thereof) annually.

Please note that completed nomination forms are due October 31 of each year.  Individuals submitting a nomination are required to use the national form available at the link above.   Please note that multiple nominations of the same individual are discouraged, but multiple letters of recommendation attached to one nomination are encouraged.  Nominations should be presented in a professional manner: typed, and with complete information for all areas.

Signatures of the "Silver Beaver Award Committee Chair" and "Scout Executive" will be secured by office staff upon confirmation of recipients of those nominated.

Silver Beaver Awards will be given at the Council Annual Dinner.

For questions related to the Silver Beaver nomination and selection process, please contact CeCe Bowden.