Varsity Leader/Parent

Exciting Varsity Scout program does not just happen.  It takes careful planning. 
Use the resources below to build an amazing program for your youth!


2017 Training Opportunities 







 September 9, 2017 Prairie Primer Fall Training Calvary United Methodist Church

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September 9, 2017  Life-to-Eagle Workshop Calvary United Methodist Church Click Click
November 11-12, 2017  Wilderness First Aid & CPR Camp Kanza, Cessna Aviation Ctr Click Click


Varsity Team Program Guides:      
Varsity Team Program Features V1      
Varsity Team Program Features V2
Varsity Team Program Features V3      
Varsity resources and helpful links:      
Three Ways Your Council Can Utilize Varsity Scouting      
Online Youth Protection      


For more information and course descriptions, please visit our national Scout Training page by clicking here!