Awareness Camp

Quivira Council would like to thank our Awareness Camp Sponsors by inviting you to watch the magic of this event unfold for yourselves! 
The “Big Reveal” this year will take place at 9:00am on Friday, May 31, at OJ Watson Park.
Join Us for any/all the Festivities! 

8:00am – Donuts with the First Responders
9:00am – Opening Flag Ceremony 
9:15am – “The Big Reveal” 
10:00am – First Responder Demonstrations with the Campers 
11:30am – Lunch with the Campers 


Awareness Camp is a FREE three-day camp adventure that provides children with limited access to Scouting programs an opportunity to live the adventure of the outdoors. Campers get the opportunity to ride boats, catch fish, and shoot BB guns for the very first timeThrough the guidance of their leaders, these young people learn to communicate, work as a team, follow directions, and make new friends. Awareness Camp 2024 will take place May 29-31 at OJ Watson Park and is open to youth in 1st through 4th grades throughout the Wichita metro area.


The true magic of this event is that unbeknownst to the participants – who are occupied launching rockets and shooting a bow and arrow – their volunteer chaperones are members of local law enforcement, first responders, and military agencies. On the last day of camp, the kids are surprised when they hear sirens drawing near. As the campers get both excited and curious, the emergency vehicles arrive and park. The riders emerge to reveal the leaders these kids have been playing with and learning fromThese young people have made best friends with our local heroes!

Thanks to the generosity of our community partners, this life-changing opportunity for respectful relationships and outdoor summer adventures is provided to these young people FREE of cost!