Friends of Scouting

Friends of Scouting: What it is and why it matters

Three little letters. One big impact. FOS, or Friends of Scouting, is the council-level annual giving campaign. In most councils, Friends of Scouting represents the council’s largest source of income. The Friends of Scouting campaign typically begins in October and ends in March (though councils can shift this slightly). During the campaign, a volunteer visits pack meetings or troop courts of honor to explain the campaign and make an appeal for support. The tax-deductible pledges help the volunteers’ local council. But where does that money go? Many councils answer by using “The Iceberg Analogy.” The idea here is that Scouts and volunteers see only 20 percent of what councils provide to members. There’s a whole lot more beneath the surface. Councils provide volunteer and staff training, insurance coverage, support staff, camps, equipment, recognitions for leaders, administrative needs, AV supplies, a council website, scholarships, and so much more. It’s amazing what three little letters can do. And it’s all possible through Friends of Scouting. For more information about Friends of Scouting contact Development Director, Richard Lonstaff at