Quivira Council Program Fee

Status Update

May 4, 2023


As Scouts, we live by the motto, Be Prepared! After two years of intensive vetting and vigorous debate over the pros and cons, your Quivira Council Board and the Program Fee Ad Hoc Committee unanimously voted to launch a new, annual $120 Council Program Fee, effective May 1, 2023. After announcing our decision in March and listening to feedback from our Quivira Family since then, we recognize that we didn’t explain our rationale as clearly as we thought we had. We apologize for that. We never intended this decision to create frustration, anger or distrust amongst our Quivira family.

To clear up confusion about our decision, we have visited directly with units who’ve requested more explanation, and responded to every email requesting more information about Council Operations. We’ve also updated the FAQ on the Council Website, and established AskQuivira@Scouting.org – an email where units can tell us about the innovative ways in which they plan to raise money for their fees. We will, in turn, share those ideas with other units. We are evaluating all options. We are eager to receive any proposal that offers options to mitigate direct out-of-pocket expenses to families and does not adversely affect our ongoing recruitment and retention of Scouts at all levels.

  • National BSA is poised to increase its current Scout and Adult Scouter registration fees in January 2024. Not a single dollar of these national fees trickle down to the local level, which is why we considered adding a local fee in the first place.
  • This Program Fee is necessary to maintain the high-quality programs the Quivira Council is known for. The Program Fee would be effective for new Scouts now, and for all current Scouts upon registration in January/February 2024.
  • Incentive plans are currently being vetted for units participating in Council Popcorn sales and the plan will be announced in late June 2023 for this fall’s sale.
  • Continue to give us feedback – especially if you have constructive suggestions on how we can address the financial challenges that Quivira Council faces. If you have specific suggestions of community members or organizations who can help address our funding and scholarship issues, please let us know. Our Staff is eager to develop one-on-one relationships with individuals, foundations, corporations and other organizations who share our mission and values. Scouting teaches all of us to confront challenges with whole hearts and clear minds. We value any positive dialog that facilitates ideas or recommendations to strengthen our Council and support our youth, Leaders and families. We look forward to hearing from you at AskQuivira@Scouting.org

Thank you for your continued support.

Quivira Council Roundtables


First Tuesday of the month, 6:45pm
(Meeting Hall next to) AG360 Insurance
103 E 4th St,
St John, KS 67576


First Tuesday of the month, 7pm
Woodlawn United Methodist Church
431 S Woodlawn Blvd,
Derby, KS 67037

Osage Nation

First Thursday of the month, 6:30pm
First Christian Church
319 W Laurel St,
Independence, KS 67301

White Buffalo

First Thursday of the month, 7pm
Wichita Ice Center
505 West Maple
Wichita, KS 67213


First Thursday of the month, 7pm
Trinity Heights United Methodist Church
1200 Boyd Ave,
Newton, KS 67114