Ridiculously Expensive Belt Buckle

Quivira Scout Ranch is home to Murray Gill Lake, which is the largest Scout held lake in the BSA system and should be the home of the best aquatics program offerings in the Midwest. 

Should be?  Why isn’t it now?  In a word – funding.  To reach beyond the basics of any Scouting aquatics program – safety instruction, merit badges, etc., the adventure element needs to come into play to provide those opportunities that they cannot get in their day to day experiences.  With that, we wish to introduce the Ridiculously Expensive Belt Buckle Campaign (REBB.)

Goal – to raise capital funds to purchase and support the following:

  • Six American Sail Aqua Finn Day Sailers – reestablish the sail craft program at Quivira Scout Ranch.
  • 3 Rec-Lite Jet Skis – to establish our own PWC Program and no longer be dependent on the availability of loaned equipment and expand the number of youths who have access to the training.
  • 2 10-person Dragonboats for aquatics adventure races, team development, skill development.
  • 10 Stand Up Paddleboards to complete the availability of the Paddlecraft Award Program.
  • 10 high quality kayaks to replace stock of low-quality kayaks that will grant more years between purchases after years of use for program and rentals.
  • A Maintenance and Replacement Holdback Fund to ensure funding for a realized maintenance program will keep the equipment in good order into the future.