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Explorer Post 911 In Action

Explorer Danica Stoner assists in emergency birth!

EMT’s and Paramedics are called everyday to respond to the most intense events life has to offer. Many of these events are tragic, but some are magical. This was the case for Senior Crewman Danica Stoner of Explorer Post 911 early on the morning of November 5th. At 2am Danica and the crews of Sedgwick County EMS Medic 21 and Sedgwick County Fire Squad 36 were called to a patient in labor. Emergency childbirth is a situation that requires a cool head, steady hands and intense training, exactly the kind of thing emergency medical responders train for. Shortly after arrival at the scene, Danica assisted in the greatest event that can happen in EMS, the birth of a healthy baby girl. 
Danica was excited and proud to participate in such a wonderful event. “I absolutely love EMS, every day is different and you never know what you’re going to go to next. I can’t imagine ever wanting to do anything else, and this has only increased my passion and drive to keep going!”  
Mother and baby are both healthy and happy and Danica has an experience she will never forget. Explorers with Post 911 are certified in first aid and CPR and trained in a variety of emergency situations. When riding with EMS units, they accompany, observe and assist EMT’s and Paramedics and gain real experience in emergency response and medicine. The program is open to youth ages 14-19 and you can start riding with EMS units at age 16. If you or someone you know is interested in joining Explorer Post 911, you can find out more by emailing us or checking out our Facebook page.