Scouting for Food

Quivira Council, Dillons and the Kansas Food Bank are partnering this year for our Scouting For Food event on August 24th and August 25th. While we know it is still only April, it is time to get on the schedule now before summer starts. If you have a local Dillons, sign up your unit for a collection time now! All your unit will need to do is show up with a scale! Dillons will have the collection site ready to go with signs, flyers to pass out to customers. The food banks will pick up the food from the store, so no need to transport the food anywhere. Sign up at Quivira Council Scouting for Food Dillons Store Sign Up Genius.

No Dillons Store in your community?

If you do not have a local Dillons store and plan to collect either door to door or at a different store, please let us know at Non-Dillons Scouting for Food Drive Commitment Form where you will do your Scouting for Food collection, and who the beneficiary will be. We encourage you to collect on Aug 24-25, as we will be working to provide publicity about the issue of food insecurity and the scouting effort to help around that timeframe. If you have questions about how to do a Scouting for Food collection drive, see the “How To” guide and contact Rachelle Roosevelt or call 316-217-1456.

Download the How to Guide Here!