Welcome and thank you for using internet rechartering from Boy Scouts of America. Internet rechartering allows you to renew your unit’s charter online and perform the following actions:

  • Select members from your existing roster
  • Promote members from another unit
  • Add new members
  • Update member information

Before beginning internet rechartering, collect all member information, including new member forms with the appropriate signatures, and from all adult members collect the signed background check form (if not already given) and proof of current YPT.

BSA announced revised fees effective August 1, 2021. 

  • $25 one-time “joining fee” applicable to all new youth program participants.  (If the new youth has a BSA ID from any council, they are not a new member and do not have to pay this fee. If the BSA ID was not issued by Quivira Council, the transfer fields on a new application need to be filled out, including the other council BSA ID.  If the BSA ID was issued by Quivira Council, this ID must be on the application to not be charged.) 
  • $72 for youth members in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scouts
  • $45 for adult members
  • $75 unit charter fee for packs, troops, crews, and ships
  • $45 for youth members in Exploring

For Merit Badge Counselors

To become a Merit Badge Counselor, fill out the counselor application, complete the adult registration, for leadership position #42, create a my.scouting account, and take youth protection training (print certificate). Once completed, please return documents to the Quivira Council Registrar, Jan Quincy. 

Merit Badge Counselor is a non-unit/no-fee position. All applications will be processed by the council to be put on the council roster.