Merit Badge Counselors

Merit Badge Counselors can check if the badge they are counseling in Scoutbook is approved by their council by going to My Dashboard, Administration, My Account, My Positions: their positions and if the badge has a blue checkmark it is approved; if the badge has a green checkmark it is not approved and you should contact your council to continue counseling that badge.

A merit badge counselor must annually renew their desire to be a counselor.  The process below must be completed every year before Dec. 31.

To become a Merit Badge Counselor, fill out the counselor application, complete the adult registration, for leadership position #42, create a my.scouting account, and take youth protection training (print certificate). Once completed, please return documents to the Quivira Council Registrar.

Merit Badge Counselor is a non-unit/no-fee position. All applications will be processed by the council to be put on the council roster.