Santa Fe Trail District

Quivira and Santa Fe Trail have always had a neighborly relationship. Helping one another and working together towards the shared goal of improving the Scouting experiences for Kansas youth. When formal discussions began regarding merging the two councils, both Council Executive Boards believed that this merger would fortify and unify Scouting in Southern Kansas, ensuring a more resilient, interconnected, and promising future. Effective November 1, 2023, the merger is final, and the NEW “Quivira Council” will cover 49 counties in Southcentral & Southwest Kansas. The transition team is being led by our friends in Scouting, Gary LeRock & Paul Clark!

Quivira Council President, Roger Darrow: “Merging our strengths into a single, cohesive organization, our Scouts and leaders will gain the advantages of enhanced and unified volunteer support, streamlined administrative functions, expanded professional staffing with efficient business management, and improved programming and facilities for our Scouting families. This endeavor will position Scouting in Southern Kansas for greater success in the years ahead.”

Scout Executive, Brian Nastase: “Together, we will provide an unparalleled Scouting experience for our members during this transition and beyond. The number one priority is to grow Scouting. We are on the hunt for a District Associate to hire. Please message me if you have suggestions. We are excited about the future of Scouting in the Southcentral & Southwest Kansas communities.” Check out our website for updates and weekly newsletter QNews.