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Summer of 2021 at Quivira Scout Ranch is more than you expect for a Scout Summer!  Scouts BSA Troops and Venturing Crews can select from 9 different programs at QSR! From adventure specific programs such as the Cargill Conservation Camp, QSR Fish Camp or QSR Boots and Boats, to traditional programs such as Trailblazer Camp, Eagle Adventure, or Summer Resident Programs, there is something for EVERYONE at Quivira Scout Ranch in 2021!

QSR Trailblazer Camp                                                           June 10 – 13

QSR Eagle Adventure                                                            June 10 – 13

QSR Fish Camp                                                                    June 10 – 13

Conquer the Water Aquatics Camp                                  June 10 – 13

Resident Camp Session 1                                                   June 13 – 18  CLOSED FULL!

Resident Camp Session 2                                                   June 20 – 25

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Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts have their own adventures at Quivira Scout Ranch! Specifically designed programs for our youngest guests and their leaders and families, Quivira Scout Ranch will host a most memorable camp for your youth! 

Cub Scout Camp:            June 10 – June 13

Wild Webelos:      June 10 – June 13

For Fees, Incentives and Leader Guides *, please Learn more!

Quivira Council COVID Parent and Participant Waiver

Can’t wait till summer? Find out about camporees, Cub Weekends,  and special district events right here!

How about a Grand Slam of Adventure? The Boy Scouts of America features four national adventure bases for Scouts and Leaders.  Amazing lifetime experiences! Learn more!

Quivira Scout Ranch is not just for summer! Take your unit on a private adventure on our beautiful property! 

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Are you a church or community service group that is looking for a place for your special event? You are welcome here!

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BlackJack Trail is an experience where the history of Quivira Scout Ranch is delved into, and some backpacking is done into the heart of The Ranch, leaving all big, fancy equipment behind. This is an opportunity for your Troop to go out with a minimum of equipment, have maximum fun, and use The Ranch to its fullest. There are endless program opportunities on our own Council Camp, and we urge every Troop to take advantage of them. BJT is open to troops any time, or units can attend in a group setting called the Council BJT has round robins in training backpacking map and compass LNT and others in the fall and spring. Please see Council Calendar for the dates.

*Maps and BJT Books are available for purchase at the council office.

Border Patrol is one of the oldest activities at QSR.  Hiking around the QSR border or Fence line a self-motivation. This can be a day hike, or one can make it an overnighter.
*Maps are available for purchase at the council office.  

Canoeing, Fishing, boating, and so much more! Plan your weekend trip to QSR and enjoy all that it has to offer. If you are not attending an official council event, please contact Candi Chase to acquire a short-term camping permit and make appropriate arrangements.

The following activities require registration Please contact Candice Chase

QSR Trail Crew!

Think you have what it takes to blaze trails at QSR? Join the QSR Trail Crew and help build and mark permanent trails at Quivira Scout Ranch. 

Quivira Scout Ranch