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We need you! Join our staff for Resident Camp!
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Summer camp at QSR!

TROOPS – SCOUTS BSA Resident Camp Fees 

Session 1 June 12-18
Session 2 June 19-25

Early Bird Youth Fee: $300* until 12-22-21 After 12-22, Regular Fee: $400
Early Bird Adult Fee: $100* until 12-22-21 After 12-22, Regular Fee: $125

 *To lock in the Early Bird fee a deposit of $25 per participant is due by December 22, 2021. 

A $125 payment is due per Scout by March 15, 2022, for those selecting programs. 

Remaining balances, for all attendees will be due on May 1, 2022

New Crossover Scouts will receive the early bird rate IF the Unit registers by December 22, 2021.
(Register Cub to Crossover, pay non-refundable deposit. Email Candice Chase. In email include your Pack # and Cub’s name. Fee adjustment will be taken care of by Admin.) 

We’re Listening … In 2022, we are incorporating the specialty camps as tracts into the resident camp sessions. “Conquer the Water” and “Fish Camp” will return. Other specialty tracts being considered are shooting sports, climbing and conservation. More information will come soon. 

One of our goals is to provide an excellent program, we are making the commitment that every area program director will attend National Camp School and be certified. Staff recruitment will focus on abilities to teach with enthusiasm and passion. More to come… 

Enhancing and modernizing our facilities to make camp even more enjoyable is a priority. 

Stay tuned for additional announcements… 

2022 Camp Director: Jo Irsik

Troops register HERE!
Program & Leader Guide HERE!
Get the Swim Classification Record HERE!

PACKS – Cub Scout & Webelos Resident Camp Fees 

Cub Scout Session June 9-12

Early Bird Youth Fee: $150* until Feb. 16, 2022 After 2-16, Regular Fee: $180
Early Bird Adult Fee: $100* until Feb. 16, 2022 After 2-16, Regular Fee: $125 

*To lock in the Early Bird fee a non-refundable deposit of $25 per participant is due by February 16, 2022. 

Remaining balances, for all attendees will be due on May 1, 2022

New Cub Scouts will receive the early bird rate IF the Unit registers by February 16, 2022.
(Register Cub, pay non-refundable deposit. Email Candice Chase. In email include your Pack # and Cub’s name. Fee adjustment will be taken care of by Admin.) 

Stay tuned for additional announcements… 

2022 Camp Director: Jo Irsik

Packs register HERE!

Get the Leader’s Guide HERE!
Get the Swim Classification Record HERE!

Quivira Scout Ranch is not just for summer! Take your unit on a private adventure on our beautiful property! 

For information on facility/campground usage for units at Quivira Scout Ranch.

Contact for assistance with making a reservation.

Unit Camping Request Form

Facility Usage/Fee Request Form

Are you a church or community service group that is looking for a place for your special event? You are welcome here!

For information on rental fees for Quivira Scout Ranch facilities.

Want to make a rental?  Contact

Facilities Usage/Fees Request Form

Cub Scout Day Camp is a weekend program (Saturday and Sunday) that is open to all youth in kindergarten through 5th grade.  Prepare yourself for a Viking themed event.

Lil Viking will go on a raid through a maze to find treasure. They will create works of art, wooden mug, shield and other crafts. All the activities are age appropriate and guided by our well trained and enthusiastic staff. Every Lil Viking will need to bring a claw hammer! Parents be prepared for your young Viking to bring home a birdhouse, tray, table, chest or a chair. Depends on their rank.

Register HERE!
Leader Guide HERE!

Sponsored by the Wichita Coin Club – no admission fee!

Merit Badge offering for Scouts 11-17 yrs only –
Activities open to 10Yr olds also.
(Each adult must be accompanied by a “family” which has 1 or more kids (11-17), & each kid
must be accompanied by 1 or more adult family members)
In this Event –
• Learn about coins and their history!
• Learn to collect coins!
• Begin to collect coins at this event!
• Have fun! We’ll have drawings to win prizes!
• Scouts attending can achieve points toward merit badge in coin collecting!
Each Kid receives one ‘Coin Collecting Starter Packet’-
Lincoln Cent coin folder – w/coins available for you to fill it.

Learn more HERE!

This event is open to Cub Scouts, and is two fun with a purpose days focused on science themed activities.

Register HERE!
Learn more HERE!

A week-long river adventure on West Virginia’s New River. Camping in the New River Gorge. Four days in inflatable kayaks in Class 1 to 3 rapids and one-day rafting in Class 3 to 5 rapids. Click HERE to learn more! For more information contact Kelley DeGraffenreid

The Metro Day Camp is a fun-filled, 3-day camp for Cub Scouts of ALL ages!  Each day will provide the opportunity for your Cub Scouts to have new experiences, with memories that will last a lifetime. 

Registration prior to April 15th will be $45.00 per youth and $20.00 per adult. 
ALL registrations received after April 15th will be $50.00 per youth and $25.00 per adult. 
NO registrations will be accepted at Camp!

Register and Learn more HERE!

A camporee that will test the abilities of Patrols in their mastery of Scout Skills in a day long competition that will involve different mystery events that have been taken from Scouting material that are based on “Basic Scouting Skills”.

• Competition Patrol Size: 2 adults, 6 youth (youth and adult will be determined by your Unit affiliation, such as Venture Crews can have youth that are over 18)

• All participants must be Blue Swimmers

• The Patrol may bring any equipment that they think they might need for the competition. All equipment must be carried by the Patrol (such as in a backpack) and any gear that the Patrol starts with must be carried throughout the entire competition.

• No support bags will be given out this year. Maps will be provided.

Activities: (Schedule to be released)

Competition Teams

•Aquatics (swimming, lifeguard, boating)

•Camp Skills (campsite, shelter set up, fire starting, knots)

•Nature (mammal identification, plant identification, fishing)

•High Adventure (SAR, Rock Climbing, knots, safety)

•Team work skills

•Orienteering (GPS, Map and Compass, resection)

•Shooting Sports

Streamer Challenges

•Best Breakfast

•Best Dinner

•Best Dessert

•Best Campsite Gadget

•Best Campsite Entrance

•Best Campsite layout

•Patrol Spirit

•Dragon Boat Competition

• Blue Simmers Only

Units must bring their own equipment and supplies for Streamer Challenge (except for Dragon Boats which will be provided)

Where? Quivira Scout Ranch

Learn more HERE!
Register HERE!

Cub Scout Day of Awesomeness is a One-Day event that provides youth with the opportunity to be active and engaged in the Cub Scout program!! Cub Scouts (Lion, Tiger, Bear, Wolf) will enjoy a variety of activities typically offered at Summer Camp. 

Activities offered: Archery, Obstacle Course, BB Guns, Pinewood Derby, etc.

More info HERE!
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All Troop, Crew, & Ship adult leaders and Troop, Crew, & Ship officers in teams of two (example: Scoutmaster & Assistant Senior Patrol Leader as a camping team). Any team of Scouts as long as there is an equal number of an adult team. A minimum of two teams is required for a Unit to participate to fulfill Youth Protection Requirements (two-deep leadership). Adult leaders will tent together; Scouts will tent together.
Everyone should be prepared for a complete pack layout / shakedown.

$5 per person, which includes patch and materials for history of the land and Leave No Trace. Registrations are payable online 

This is a basic backpack experience to show Unit leadership different places and ways to use QSR as a Unit program.
Black Jack Trail is an experience where the history of Quivira Scout Ranch is delved into and some backpacking is done into the heart of The Ranch leaving all big, fancy equipment behind.  This is as opportunity for your Unit to go out with a minimum of equipment, have maximum fun, and use The Ranch to its fullest. There are endless program opportunities on our own Council Camp, and we urge every Unit to take advantage of them.

Click HERE for more information!
Click HERE to register.

Border Patrol is one of the oldest activities at QSR.  Hiking around the QSR border or Fence line a self-motivation. This can be a day hike, or one can make it an overnighter.
*Maps are available for purchase at the council office.  

Canoeing, Fishing, boating, and so much more! Plan your weekend trip to QSR and enjoy all that it has to offer. If you are not attending an official council event, please contact Candi Chase to acquire a short-term camping permit and make appropriate arrangements.

This is a council event it so follows under the NCAP.  You will need the Corona 19 waiver and you will need the BSA updated Health Medical forms both for each scout. If you don’t have them, you unit will not participate in this event. You will need to prove your own two deep leadership.

The following activities require registration Please contact Candice Chase

QSR Trail Crew!

Think you have what it takes to blaze trails at QSR? Join the QSR Trail Crew and help build and mark permanent trails at Quivira Scout Ranch. 

Quivira Scout Ranch