Cub Scout Program Updates

It’s official!  The Cub Scout program will be updated for the 2024-25 program year.  Over the past several years, the National Cub Scouting Committee has identified four areas to improve the Cub Scout program to ensure that it is fun, simple, and easy. These updates are based on feedback from over 23,000 parents and Cub Scout leaders through various surveys and data.  Listening to and identify the key opportunities to improve the program the National Cub Scout committee is excited to finally reveal these improvements.  Over the past year these improvements have been socialized to thousands of individuals with overwhelming support.

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Note:  All information on this page is subject to change prior to the implementation date.  All program changes will begin June 1, 2024.

BSA Resources

The BSA’s official page with updates as they occur!  Check this page often for the latest posts.

Slides (with speaker notes) from recent Cub Scout Updates Webinar.  Highlights the updates to the program.

Fridays at 2pm CT (3pm ET) you can watch LIVE the latest edition of Cub Chat Live.  Ask your questions and get the answers you need.

FAQ Pages


One of the big changes is to the structure of Adventures.  In order to earn the rank badge, each level of Cub Scouts will now require SIX required and TWO elective adventures.  The Bobcat badge will no longer exist separately, but the elements of Bobcat will be incorporated as the intended first adventure each level does each year. 

Many of the most common electives will now be available at ALL levels with age-appropriate requirements.  This allows for multi-level den and Pack level advancements that all can work on at the same time!

Required electives for each level.  Notice the consistency in topics across each row of the following chart.

A preview of the Required Adventures is in the Required Adventures PDF.  NOTE: This information was taken from a recent Cub Scout Conference presentation and is subject to change.

What to most people think of when they think of Cub Scout?  Fishing, Pinewood Derby, Bicycling, Swimming, Camping and Conservation!  Before adventures for each of these either did not exist or were only at one of the Cub levels.  Now they are across the board!  Yes, Pinewood Derby is now an Adventure Loop/Pin!  More Info

Want to preview the list of electives?  View the image to get a high level overview (current electives, new electives, and camp-only electives are all shaded differently).  

Want more detail?  See the Elective Adventures presentation recently provided by the BSA.


Some Cub Scouts and leaders are familiar with the National Summertime Pack Award, World Conservation Award, Range/Target Sports, and STEM awards — they are being reimagined as Adventures.  This will bring these great programs to the forefront and give leaders, parents, and Cubs the chance to learn more about them.

WEBELOS / Arrow of Light

Historically, 4th and 5th graders were both considered part of the Webelos program, a two-year program to prepare Cub Scouts for Scouts BSA.  Both levels (Webelos and Arrow of Light) worked on the same elective adventures with the same handbook.  With the update of the Cub Scout program, Webelos and Arrow of Light will each be distinct programs with their own separate adventures and separate handbooks. 

The Arrow of Light (AOL) year will focus on preparation for Scouts BSA — this will be the year that Cubs transition to the tan uniform.  There will be no neckerchief for this level, and the handbook will contain AOL adventures AND requirements for the Scout rank of Scouts BSA.  

While Webelos dens can be co-ed, Arrow of Light dens need to be single-gender to best prepare the Scouts for their Scouts BSA Troops.

Note for 4th graders in 2023-2024:  Since the electives will be separated between Webelos and Arrow of Light, it is recommended that Webelos work on Aquanaut, Art Explosion, Aware and Care, Build It!, Earth Rocks!, and Modular Design.  Current Webelos should NOT start working on Arrow of Light requirements once the Webelos badge is earned.   READ MORE

Leader & Parent Support

While not available yet, an extremely comprehensive set of online resources will be available to support the new adventures.  Each adventure will be detailed and various options will be provided for the leader/parent to choose from.  Options will provide tips, timing, material requirements and more, making meeting planning easier.

The Lions and Tigers books are being reimagined into an age-appropriate reading level that are engaging for those Cubs.  Both will be similar to the workbook-style that the current Lions have.

The Lions badge will now be diamond shape.

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