Please have your unit number and Chartered Organization name in the subject!

Commissioners for 2024 Recharter

KanzaMark Hunter620-245-0801
Osage NationBill Carson508-725-6164
PawneeMark Hunter620-245-0801
South WindsFlip Monier316-806-0571
White BuffaloMike Shockey316-708-4086
Recharter CommissionerVickie Cannon316-655-7221
Council CommissionerBill Matthews316-491-2232

As we start digging into the 2024 Recharter season we are finding new software glitches that we would like you to be aware of.

  • Youth participants being added to unit rosters are not being charged correctly
    • Example: Scout A transfers from troop 1 to troop 2 or participated in 2022 but skipped 2023 and is now back; in the system they show as a “new” youth on the recharter roster. In both of these scenarios, they are not a “new” scout, so they would be charged the same as all other Scouts already in the system.
  • They are showing as “new” in the system even though they are NOT new to scouting
  • We are manually fixing this issue at the Council Office as units come to pay
  • If the unit does not pay at the office and has this issue on their roster, the youth registration will not be marked as complete

For any questions please reach out to Vickie Glancy Cannon or D’Kolle Mowery at 316.264.3386.

You can learn more about the recharter process HERE!

Welcome and thank you for using internet rechartering from Boy Scouts of America. Internet rechartering allows you to renew your unit’s charter online and perform the following actions:

Before beginning internet rechartering, collect all member information, including new member forms with the appropriate signatures, and from all adult members collect the signed background check form (if not already given) and proof of current YPT.

BSA announced revised fees effective August 1, 2023.