2024 Summer Camp

Traditional Summer Camp program at Quivira Scout Ranch functions as a tool to develop character, leadership, citizenship, and fitness to help your unit carry out the mission of Scouting.

This year we are updating our program for newer Scouts by introducing the Outdoor Adventure for Kindling Scouts (OAKS) program. OAKS is an advancement program designed to help new Scouts get a strong start with a full week dedicated to learning fundamentals of the Scouting program, rank advancement from Tenderfoot to First Class, event/activity planning, and the opportunity to earn First Aid and Swimming Merit Badges. There are many opportunities for your Scout at QSR, in addition to OAKS program, so check out the 2024 Unit Planning Guide and the Camp Map for more details!

HIGH Q adventure week features 8 different programs for older Scouts looking for adventure and new experiences at camp.

HIGH Q participants, youth and adult, can choose to either participate in a Core Crew, focusing on a specific program activity for five days, or a Trekking Crew, backpacking and paddling around QSR to experience a different program every day.

HIGH Q Core Crew programs include:                     
  • Q on Target (Shooting Sports)
  • F.I.S.H. Camp
  • Rock the Q (Rock Climbing)
  • Conquer the Water (Aquatics)
HIGH Q Trek programs include:
  • Canoeing & Jet Ski
  • Climbing & Low COPE
  • Fishing & Orienteering
  • Paint Ball & Black Powder