Youth Protection

Dear Scouting Friends,


As the Quivira Council Youth Protection Champion, I thank you for your efforts to keep our youth safe in all of your activities. As you may know, Youth Protection training is required for all BSA registered volunteers and is a joining requirement. This training must be taken every two years. If a volunteer’s Youth Protection training record is not current at the time of recharter, the volunteer will not be re-registered. 

Legal Requirements
The current Youth Protection training is monitored, updated, and controlled by the national administrative team. This training is not only BSA policy, in many states it is a legal requirement. The administration of this training is strictly controlled because it allows leaders and councils to comply with all current legal requirements to work with youth.
Online Training at
The preferred method of taking the training is through your account at This is a module-based training that can be taken at your convenience, either when joining scouting for the first time, or prior to your training expiring (two years), at which time it should be renewed. See here and here.
Limited In-person Youth Protection Training
In the past we have also been able to hold in-person Youth Protection training at the district and unit levels, but that is no longer an option. To align with national BSA policy, in-person Youth Protection training in Quivira Council will only be offered by a facilitator authorized by the Scout Executive. These opportunities will be available on a very limited basis.

Thank you for your understanding and your continued commitment to keep our youth safe.

Yours in Scouting,
Blake Barnard
Quivira Council Youth Protection Champion