Quivira Council Program Fee

Status Update

June 30, 2023

In summary from the information previously provided: The Quivira Council has experienced a decline in revenue. Program Fee committee established in 2020 and reorganized in 2022 resulting in a recommendation of $120 per current Scout beginning at recharter time 2024 and $120 pro-rated for new Scouts beginning May 1, 2023. This was voted on & approved at the March 2023 Exec Board mtg.


March 28, 2023

  • Quivira operating budget in the red for 2022 -$213,812
  • The National registration of $75 per Scout & $45 per Leader
    • Rumors of a potential increase by National to $99
  • $300K gap was the goal to establish balanced budget, sufficient funds for deferred maintenance for Quivira Scout Ranch & increased registration assistance.
    • $120 per Scout w/ an estimate of 2,500 rechartering = $300,000
  • As evident by other Councils charging a fee more than the National fee, National was not enforcing the prohibition on Councils charging program fees in excess of the National fee.

July 31, 2023

  • National increased Scouts reg from $75 to $80, Leaders from $45 to $60 effective Aug 1, 2023
  • National REMOVED registration Proration beginning Aug 1, 2023
    • Example: New Cub Scout joining in September
      • 2022 $25 Joining fee + prorated fee $37.50 = $61.50
      • 2023 $25 joining fee + NON-Prorate $80 = $105
  • National will enforce the policy to prohibit Council Program Fees above National Fees (National has not identified the penalty)
  • All New Scouts joining will have a RENEWAL DATE on their anniversary of joining the BSA. This will be automated by National BSA in the collection of fees.
APPROVED NEW Council Program Fee (CPF)

Effective immediately, all Scouts (Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturers & Sea Scout) will pay a Council Program fee not to exceed National’s youth fee of $80 at RECHARTER/RENEWAL. Quivira Council’s Program fee will match but never exceed National’s rate in perpetuity.

  • New Scouts pay $25 Joining fee, $80 National Reg = $105
  • At Recharter or Renewal 2024 Scouts will pay $80 National fee + $80 Program Fee = $160

Why would we change our fee from $120 to $80

  • National’s removal of Proration increases the entry cost of Scouting by $43.50
  • National’s charge of policing to embrace the limitation on Council program and registration fees.

How do we make up the remaining, projected $100,000 shortfall when changing the council fee from $120 to $80 for the 2024 budget

  • Review registration assistance.
  • Look into improvements to Product sales.
  • Enhanced fundraising w/ the Pay it Forward Campaign and others.
  • Cost-cutting initiatives.

We look forward to hearing from you at AskQuivira@Scouting.org

Thank you for your continued support.

Quivira Council Roundtables


First Tuesday of the month, 6:45pm
(Meeting Hall next to) AG360 Insurance
103 E 4th St,
St John, KS 67576


First Tuesday of the month, 7pm
Woodlawn United Methodist Church
431 S Woodlawn Blvd,
Derby, KS 67037

Osage Nation

First Thursday of the month, 6:30pm
First Christian Church
319 W Laurel St,
Independence, KS 67301

White Buffalo

First Thursday of the month, 7pm
Wichita Ice Center
505 West Maple
Wichita, KS 67213


First Thursday of the month, 7pm
Trinity Heights United Methodist Church
1200 Boyd Ave,
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