On My Honor Giving 2024

The 2024 On My Honor Breakfast was a wonderful morning full of insight and inspiration! Please take a few moments to review some of the highlights and consider contributing a gift to help make the Adventures of Scouting available to ALL the youth of our communities.

Keynote Speaker - Coach Bill Snyder
Scouting Update - Audrie Mangel
Fretwell Awards - Presented by Reggie Davidson
Impact of Scouting - Javion Napier
Investment in Character - Dr. Kristy Custer
Making the adventure a reality!

$100 – OPEN THEIR EYES TO ADVENTURE! – Every $100 raised sends one (1) youth from an impoverished neighborhood to Awareness Camp!

$250 –Duty to God

Fewer and fewer young people believe in a deity or understand their purpose in this life. By believing in something greater than themselves, children of the world can rise to their full potential and become the best versions of themselves. Scouting empowers youth to take leadership in their faith journey through programs that teach Scouts about their Creator and what God expects of them as parents, citizens, and friends. In the last three years, more than 250 Quivira Scouts have earned their religious emblem awards. Help Scouting turn more of our future leaders into spiritual leaders!

$500 – InteGRITy

Scouting teaches kids to get back up after falling down, accept rejection, have difficult conversations, tackle challenges, apologize when they’re wrong, and take responsibility for their actions. Scouts persevere through adversity and learn to appreciate the value of hard work. This journey builds the confidence they will need to take leadership in their lives, homes, and workplaces. The leaders of tomorrow will need GRIT. Help us prepare them to lead their peers with character and confidence!

*Grit is over 1,000 Scouts choosing to Camp at Trapper’s Rendezvous, when the high was 4 degrees and the overnight windchill lows were in the -20s


Jumpstarting programs in small Kansas towns – In the last 3 years we’ve started Cub Scout programs in Independence, Medicine Lodge, Milton, Caldwell, Haven and many others. When starting these units, nearly 90% of the families rely on financial aid to give their kids the dream of Scouting. Help us make sure our small-town Kansas communities aren’t left behind. $1,000 ensures that every single youth who wants to be a Scout, gets to be a Scout!

$2,500 – “Life Skill Readiness”

We hear a LOT today about youth not being prepared to live life as adults. Skills that were once common practice – managing finances, working on their car, cooking a meal, public speaking, reacting to an emergency – seem more and more rare with each generation. SCOUTING FILLS THAT GAP! Your gift of $2,500 makes it possible for Scouting to teach those life lessons to hundreds of young citizens, empowering the next generation to be capable of balancing their checkbooks, changing their flat tire, making small talk with a stranger, or SAVING A LIFE.

$5,000 – Let’s make it possible for EVERYONE!

40% of Wichita kids are being raised by single parents who – because of financial constraints – feel that extracurricular opportunities like Scouting are beyond reach for their children. A gift of $5,000 lets us tell 59 single moms that their kids CAN BE CUB SCOUTS!

$10,000 – Give hundreds of kids the Adventure of Scouting!!!

Local educators have expressed concerns about sharing the Scouting program with their students due to the cost, because their families don’t feel they can afford Scouting. Help us take that worry away completely: Your $10,000 gift will make Cub Scouts FREE for an ENTIRE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!

We’d love to visit with you about opportunities to give back to the community through Scouting! If you’d like to talk to us about giving, please email Kevin Gorman, Assistant Scout Executive.

You can watch the entire 2024 On My Honor Breakfast Program at this playlist or skip to the part you’re most excited about!