Trappers’ Safety

WATER SOURCES at Harvey County Park are expected to be frozen and unusable during Trappers’ Rendezvous this weekend. ALL UNITS AND ATTENDEES NEED TO BRING THEIR OWN WATER SUPPLY!!!  Please take the amounts needed for drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. into consideration when purchasing. Your unit will be asked at check-in if your unit is prepared with this essential.
It will also be necessary to have a contingency plan for PROPANE FREEZING during meal preparation in campsites. Please BRING BACKUP SUPPLIES or proceed with a meal plan that utilizes energy sources that will be more reliable under these cold conditions.
Reminder: it is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE UNIT LEADERS AND PARENTS to ensure that the Scouts attending Trappers Rendezvous are prepared, trained, and equipped for the expected climate. Please be sure to share with your families the information sent last night regarding hypothermia, frostbite, and dressing/packing for camp.
As always, please take a moment to review the Trappers Herald before arrival. If you are not already, be sure to follow the Trappers Rendezvous Facebook page for the latest updates and information.