Quivira Scout Ranch Camp Director

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Immediate Supervisor
  • Responsible to the Scout Executive working through the Quivira Council CFO
  • At least 21 years of age
  • Current NCS Camp Management or Camp Director Certification (refer to standards)
  • Current First Aid/CPR
  • Thorough knowledge of ALL applicable standards (both BSA and state)
  • Thorough knowledge of council and camp risk management policies
  • Strong public speaking and communication skills
  • Customer service oriented
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Registered with the BSA
  • Computer Skills
  • During the off season lead the hiring of Summer Camp staff
  • Participate in scheduled planning meetings during the off season.
  • Provide cheerful, helpful, and efficient service to all Scouts.
  • Maintain a friendly, cheerful, and helpful attitude to ensure that participants have an enjoyable experience. Where possible, solve their needs and concerns, where not possible, steer them to someone who can.
  • Carry out the prescribed policies and procedures of the Quivira Council as outlined in the Staff Guidebook and during staff training.
  • Present oneself to every participant and guest clean, sharp appearing and correctly uniformed as described in the Staff Guidebook.
  • Be thoroughly familiar with Scouting aims and ideals, operate your camp in a manner that teaches and reinforces these ideals.
  • Provide initial continuous on-the-job training for all staff assigned to the camp so that each member can do any of the jobs required.
  • Review Quivira Council policies and procedures and the concerns of other departments with the staff.
  • Serve as a coach and counselor to each member of the camp staff so they effectively serve as a member of a successful team.
  • Operate the camp for the convenience of the campers and advisors.
  • Maintain and properly use the radio, program equipment and all other facilities and supplies.
  • Give proper attention to environmental/health issues including staff cabins, program cabins, showers, latrines, sumps, kitchen and living areas, trash disposal, campsites, water and natural features.
  • Prudently handle medical situations and risk management according to established procedures and your best judgment.
  • Write an end of season report with accurate inventories and recommendations for improving the operation.

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