Popcorn Program Fee Incentive

Is Your Unit Selling Popcorn?

Reach Out to Your Unit Leader Today!
This year’s Popcorn Sales Incentive is incredible – it is the most Quivira Council has ever done – and the most our Popcorn Vendor, Pecatonica, has ever heard of!
Program Fee Credit – Every youth has the opportunity to earn credit towards their Program Fee – above and beyond their standard Unit Commission! They start earning credit at $200 in sales and have earned complete credit (and will not pay the program fee) at $900!!!!  (At $900 – the youth is getting 43% of their sale!)
Unit Commission – Every Unit Receives – 32%-34% commission on sales. 
(Determined by amount of average youth sales)
We continue to do our Prize Incentive! Last year this resulted in over 90 Troop level Scouts earning a sheath knife!!! (more than doubling from the prior year!!!) – Cubs will earn a Prize this year!
– To apply the Program Fee Credit, every unit with youth selling must be registered to sell. (Multiple units cannot sell together under one unit)
(Show and Sell orders are due this FRIDAY at Midnight!)

With the Program Fee Incentive Credit in addition to the commission and prizes your Scouts can earn selling popcorn has never been a better deal!

You can get a more in depth look at the popcorn sale and it’s benefits here.

2023 Popcorn Incentive Plan

Popcorn Sales Level


Program Fee Incentive Credit

Scout aged appropriate reward valued at $40
Credit for half of early bird camp fee for 2024 Quivira Council Camps

Popcorn Commission

A Unit/Scout has the opportunity to earn up to a 34% commission! The Unit/Scout breakdown of this commission varies by unit.