Popcorn Sale

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A successful popcorn sale means better Unit programs!

  • Registrations
  • Summer Camps
  • Camp outs/Adventure Trips
  • Advancements
  • Blue and Gold Banquets/ Courts of Honor
  • Other various expenses

A successful popcorn sale means Stronger Council and Services that is provides!

  • Training opportunities for adult leaders, so Scouts have the very best leadership.
  • Helping to maintain Scout Camps for year-round camping and outdoor events.
  • Providing “Campership” support for Scouts who need assistance to attend Summer Camp.
  • Planning and conducting various Council-Wide activities and events.
  • Providing service center and professional staff support for unit leaders, parents and Scouts.

Everyone benefits from Popcorn!

The most successful units have a planned program with specific goals, on where they want to go and how they are going to get there. Setting a goal for how much your unit needs to sell and how much your scout needs to sell, is how your unit will have the funds needed to support your program.

Popcorn is fun and exciting for your Scouts to sell!!

The public loves Scouting and look forward to buying popcorn. Two out of three customers will buy if asked by a Scout.  Remember we are not selling popcorn, we are helping our Scouts Fund Adventures! 

Scouts can earn much more than prizes

There are very few activities in scouting that demonstrate the benefits of planning, organization, teamwork and goal setting. Participating in the popcorn sale teaches scouts all of these skills, plus marketing, salesmanship, public speaking, and learning how to pay there way! These important skills will serve these young men throughout their lifetimes.

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