Scout Office Holiday Hours

Council Holiday

The Council office will be closed from Dec. 22nd through Jan. 2nd, to be conscious of the weather this Thursday, observe the Holidays, and power down to save on building costs. 
We know that Scouting doesn’t stop and wanted to give some direction on how to move forward with items that may be time sensitive.
Eagle Applications: Eagle Applications can still be dropped off at the Council office. Please deposit the sealed paperwork in the drop box to the right of the front doors. Please send an email so the team is aware an Eagle packet has been dropped off. Make sure to include the District, Unit #, and last name of the Eagle Applicant in the subject line.
Recharters: The new financial aid form can be found here. This form will need to be sent to and a response will be sent to the unit within 5 working days. Please continue to send any questions to Vickie. Recharter paperwork can be dropped off in the drop box to the right of the front doors. This will be checked periodically over the next week and a half.
Have a safe and happy holidays, everyone!